Old Millard East Neighborhood Association
Old Millard East Neighborhood Association 

City Services

Air Quality/Odor Control 402-444-6015 / 402-444-6016 Environmental Svcs.

Alarm Registrations 402-444-6263 City Finance

Alley Maintenance 402-444-4919 Street Maintenance

Building Permits 402-444-5380

Building Inspections (construction related) 402-444-5350

Cars, Junk Trailers on Public or Private Property 402-444-5555 Mayor’s Hotline

Chuck Holes, Debris, Litter Blocking Street, Curb Repairs 402-444-4919 Street Maintenance

City Council 402-444-5520

City Parks, Pools, Golf Courses or Recreation Center Problems 402-444-5900 Parks & Rec. Dept.

City Services Information or Complaints 402-444-5555 Mayor’s Hotline

Code Enforcement/Planning 402-444-5371

Compost 402-444-6665 Public Works

Driveway/Curb Cut Permits 402-444-4978 / 444-5101 Public Works

Issued by 402-444-5214 or 402-444-5380 Planning

Empty Bldgs,Vacant Houses,Deteriorated Bldgs.,Occupied Dilapidated Houses 402-444-5555 Mayor’s Hotline

Garbage Collection/Recycling/Complaints/Information 402-444-5238 Quality Control

Hate Crimes 402-444-4283 (444-HATE) Police Dept.

Historic Preservation 402-444-5770 Planning

Housing Discrimination, Civil Rights Violations 402-444-5055 Human Relations

Mayor’s Hotline 402-444-5555

Mayor’s Hotline TTY/TDD 402-996-8490

Mayor's Office 402-444-5000

“No Parking” or Other Signs 402-444-5160 Traffic Engineering

Nuisance Vehicles (Dead Storage on Street or Lawn, Off Pavement 402-444-5555 Mayor’s Hotline

Auto Litter Improperly Licensed)

Parks and Recreation 402-444-5900

Public Works Department 402-444-5220

Sewer Problems 402-444-5332 Sewer Maintenance

Sidewalks Broken or Obstructed 402-444-5280

Sign Ordinance Information 402-444-5362 / 402-444-5364 P & I

Snow Removal Complaints 402-444-4919 Street Maintenance

Speed Bumps 402-444-5255

Street Construction Problems or Complaints 402-444-5109 Public Works

TDD 402-444-5034

Tenant-Landlord Discrimination 402-444-5055 Human Relations

Traffic Signal Not Working 402-444-5160 Traffic Engineering

Trailers or Cars Parked on Front Lawns 402-444-5555 Mayor’s Hotline

Tree Limbs/Hedges Blocking View of Traffic 402-444-5925 Parks Maintenance

Trees, Downed Limbs on City Right-of-Way 402-444-4919 Street Maintenance

Trees Marked with an “X” 402-444-5925 Parks Maintenance

Unsafe or Dangerous Building or House 402-444-5555 Mayor’s Hotline

Vehicle Already Towed 402-444-5782 / 444-5783 Impound Lot

Weeds Over 18”, Yard Litter 402-444-5910 Weeds & Litter

Zoning Enforcement 402-444-5371 Planning Department

Zoning Information 402444-3426 Planner’s Desk

Public Safety

Arson Hotline 402-444-3473

Business Watch 402-444-6518

Crime Prevention Specialists

NE Area 402-444-3367 NW Area……………402-444-6478

SE Area 402-444-7743 SW Area……………402-444-7928

Crime in Progress Communications Dept 911

Crimestoppers 402-444-STOP (444-7867)

Criminal Investigation Bureau, Omaha Police Dept 402-444-5652

North Investigations (Follow up on crimes occurring North of Dodge) 402-444-5696

South Investigations (Follow up on crimes occurring South of Dodge) 402-444-5590

Domestic Violence, Omaha Police Dept. 402-444-5825

Fire Department Public Education & Affairs Bureau (includes Smoke Detector

Installation & Operation Detector Home Safe) 402-444-3560

Gang Unit, Omaha Police Dept 402-444-5990

Graffiti to Report Mayor’s Hotline 402-444-5555

Narcotics Unit, Omaha Police 402-444-5680

Neighborhood Watch Program 402-444-5772

Non-Emergency Police Dept. Line Central Headquarters, 505 S. 15 St 402-444-5600

Non-Emergency Police Dept., to make a “Crime Report over the Phone”

Telephone Response Unit 402-444-4877

Precinct Captains

Northeast 4316 N. 30 (30 & Taylor) 402-444-6916

Northwest….10245 Wiesman Dr 402-444-7555

Southeast 2475 Deer Park Blvd (25 & Vinton) 402-444-4041

Southwest…9864 M Street 402-444-6116

Special Victims Unit (…Sexual Assaults/Child Victim) 402-444-5636

Traffic Unit, Omaha Police 402-444-5860

Vice Squad 402-444-5680

Victim Assistance Unit 402-444-4597


Animal Control (Strays, Bites, Sick or Injured Animals, Barking Dogs,

or Dead Animals 402-444-7800 Humane Society

Before You Dig 402-344-3565 / 1-800-642-8434

Cable Franchise Agreement Questions 402-444-4567 City Council

City of Omaha Handgun Ordinance 402-896-0454

Community Support/Energy Assistance Programs (OPPD) 402-636-3654

Concealed Carry Handgun Training 402-896-0454

Community Services/First Call for Help 211 United Way Events HOTLINE 402-444-6800

Gas Leaks, Water Line Breaks, or Fire Hydrants (Emergency) 402-504-7777 MUD

Handicap Parking Stickers 402-444-7103 County Treasurer

Housing Discrimination (Fair Housing Center) 402-934-6675

Keep Omaha Beautiful 402-444-7774

National Safety Council 402-896-0454

Poison Control Center 1-800-222-1222

Rats, Raw Garbage, Open Refrigerator/Freezer in Yard/Mosquitoes 402-444-7481 Douglas Co. Health

Safe Communities Efforts 402-896-0454

State Ombudsman (Information) 1-800-742-7690 (Toll Free)

Street Lights Out/Electrical Wires Down 1-800-554-6773 OPPD

Tenant/Landlord Legal Issues 402-348-1060 Legal Aid Society

Douglas County

Assessor’s Office 402-444-7060

Birth and Death Certificates 402-444-7204

Douglas County Environmental Services 402-444-6181

Douglas County Switchboard 402-444-7000

Drivers’ License Testing Locations

4208 S. 50th Street 402-595-2039

7414 N. 30th Street 402-595-2040

2910 N. 108th Street 402-595-3106

5730 S. 144th Street 402-595-2424

Health Department Information Line / Directory 402-444-7476

Homestead Exemption From Property Taxes 402-444-7185 County Assessor

Landfill Office and Information 402-238-2970

Marriage License – County Clerk 402-444-6080

Property Taxes 402-444-7272

Register of Deeds/Property Ownership 402-444-7194

Sanitation (Wells and Septic Systems) 402-444-7485

Sheriff’s Vehicle Inspection Station – 8338 Chicago Street 402-444-7532

Surveyor – Engineer Office (County Roads/Projects) 402-444-6372

Treasurer’s Office 402-444-7280

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