Old Millard East Neighborhood Association
Old Millard East Neighborhood Association 

Our Mission

  1. To foster pride and encourage neighborhood involvement within the Old Millard East Neighborhood by providing opportunities for the participation in community work and social events.
  2. To provide for the safety and security to the people who live in the Old Millard East Neighborhood.
  3. To combat community deterioration, promote future development and to beautify the Old Millard East area.
  4. To improve and create a positive image of the Old Millard East Neighborhood, by endorsing the Association's name, by publicizing the activities and goals of the organization and its members.
  5. To encourage and communicate with home owners, tenants, landlords, businesses, religious organizations and government to cooperate for the common good of all.
  6. To increase the size of our membership and neighbor involvement. 

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